Welcome to Investing Forever. My name is Trishul Patel, and I am a husband, a father, and an engineer at heart, but also, I am a professional investor, and have been investing for almost two decades (not quite forever, but we’ll get to this point shortly). Over this time, I graduated from investing my personal assets in stocks, to forming an investment club with friends, to building financial applications for large banks, to pricing exotic options and managing a derivatives book out of South-East Asia, to managing a Hedge Fund portfolio for an Asset Management Firm, to finally starting this blog. Over the years, I can’t say that my investment philosophy has changed much, but my knowledge of the financial markets certainly has.

Over the course of these posts, my goal is to provide my readers with insight into how I approach the markets not because I think I’ve found the one true way to beat the markets (hint: there is none), but more so because I realize there’s a wealth of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over these years that could benefit investors from all walks of life. When I mean investor, I mean anyone wanting to put money to work for future use. So, what’s the best way to invest? Invest as if you are Investing Forever, of course. Let me show you why.