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Classic Cars: Classic Mistake?

The World’s Most Expensive Hobby (Part 3)

Key Points

  • To invest wisely, you need to define a benchmark before you actually make any investment decisions.
  • Even if you have a benchmark in mind, an active investment philosophy brings a whole host of issues when it comes to tracking investment performance.
  • These issues ultimately obscure the true performance of active investors, which makes it very difficult to figure out if one is investing prudently or not.
  • This obscurity is what likely perpetuates an active investing philosophy; however, over time, this can lead sub-optimal investment performance for the average investor.

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Passive is the New Aggressive (Part 7)

Key Points

  • Research suggests that less than one percent of professional active manages are “skilled” at what they do.
  • Given this, the odds of picking a solid active manager is not just slightly worse than a coin toss; in fact, the chances are closer to slim to none.
  • Therefore, a passive investing strategy may be more sensible over the long run for most investors.

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Passive is the New Aggressive (Part 6)

Key Points

  • Over long periods, a passive investing approach in index funds is more likely to lead to an outcome that falls in line with a given benchmark.
  • With an active investing approach, where mutual fund fees are higher, outcomes are far less certain.
  • As such, the long-term opportunity cost of an active approach can be significant, and perhaps even disastrous.

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Do Not Let This Hobby Ruin Your Retirement.

The World’s Most Expensive Hobby (Part 1)

Key Points

  • Hobbies can provide lasting benefit by allowing individuals to refocus their efforts away from their careers towards alternative forms of enjoyment.
  • Nevertheless, active investing as a hobby might not be the best use of one’s free time.
  • Not only are the chances of adding value from this endeavor very slim, but also, the costs associated with investing unwisely can profoundly impact one’s long-term goals and aspirations.
  • As an example, most investors often overlook opportunity cost when making investment decisions even though this particular expense can be significant.

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