Don’t Miss Out, You’ll Regret It (Part 3)

Key Points

  • By holding a profitable investment for over a year before selling, an investor has the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of taxes that he or she will have to pay.
  • By holding an investment indefinitely, an investor can hold off on paying taxes indefinitely.
  • By deferring the payment of taxes, capital can grow exponentially faster than otherwise.

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Don’t Miss Out, You’ll Regret It (Part 2)

Key Points

  • Solid financial plannings means taking care of any tax advantage you can.
  • However, it’s important to understand that most tax breaks have deadlines, meaning: you snooze, you lose.
  • The HSA could potentially be the best plan you never heard about.
  • This program allows you to potentially invest with pre-tax savings, and spend without taxes as well.

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Don’t Miss Out, You’ll Regret It (Part 1)

Key Points

  • Tax planning is not just about figuring out how much to pay the government, it’s also about ensuring that your investment plan is tax efficient based upon your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Investments typically generate income from three different sources: interest, dividends, and capital gains; and each source is taxed differently.
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The World’s Most Expensive Hobby (Part 3)

Key Points

  • To invest wisely, you need to define a benchmark before you actually make any investment decisions.
  • Even if you have a benchmark in mind, an active investment philosophy brings a whole host of issues when it comes to tracking investment performance.
  • These issues ultimately obscure the true performance of active investors, which makes it very difficult to figure out if one is investing prudently or not.
  • This obscurity is what likely perpetuates an active investing philosophy; however, over time, this can lead sub-optimal investment performance for the average investor.

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